Wit and the Word

My Dad can come up with some witty and funny sayings all of a sudden just like his mother did. I was standing outside the doors of a funeral home about to do his mother’s (my grandmother’s) funeral and two very somber funeral home employees who both knew my father opened the door for us.  One of them said, “Hi Bill, how are you?” to which he immediately responded, “Oh, pretty good, I’m still this side of the dirt !”    Though it was a serious occasion I watched these guys quickly turn from very serious faces to sudden smiles then as I then joined in, a pretty good dose of laughter. 

I think God has given us a wonderful gift in humor to help us through life’s twists and turns. And as it’s been said many times if you don’t think God laughs and has a sense of humor just walk over to the closest mirror and take a look ! Can you imagine how  the Lord must’ve chuckled just at Peter alone sometimes?   Well a good joke is fine and a hilarious story might ease one’s troubles for a moment but God has given us all something that works better than a temporary easement. How about His Word? 

 I wonder how many times believers down through the centuries have had worries alleviated by the simple yet powerful words of “Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you” (1Pt.5:7).  I told a recent new convert my joke supporting that truth of the man who worried about everything but one day his friend saw his whole face changed, no longer affected by worry. He asked what happened to which the man told him he’d hired someone to do all his worrying for him.  When his friend asked him how much that cost he told him $1,000 a day.  The friend asked him how he’d ever pay for that to which his reply came back, “I don’t know, thats his worry !”    I’ve always loved that joke !!    But if we really believe that verse our fears and worries WILL be conquered ! And thats better relief than the best belly laugh can give.

And what about another favorite in Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”   Paul stood solidly on that platform of assurance that no matter what befell him as long as he loved God and was obedient to Him (the two go hand in hand) things would come out just fine. Remember how that played out for Joseph in Egypt, Ruth in Bethlehem, and Daniel in Babylon?  So when things seem to be going a bit awry in your corner of the world just keep plugging along doing what God says, things will pan out and that simple yet powerful faith in what He’s said will be more enduring and helpful than the best of one liners !

Still, don’t get me wrong I love a good joke and the Lord can even use them to help us but the greater help will always be His Word ! Read it and BELIEVE it !!!


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