[1]  Take some spiritual risks this week for Jesus !!!!!

[2]  Sunday School  for kids and adults begins at 9:30 with a practical interactive lesson !!

[3] Great worship today !!!!

[4]  See you at God’s house this Wednesday at 6:30 pm

[5]  Keep our President and the Administration in your prayer this week.
[6]  Our Wednesday  Masters Club for kids at 6 pm !!
[7] Rachelle Peck has organized a Mom’s Group to allow Mothers and their preschool children to have some fun each month with other kids and their Mom’s.   Check the Events Calendar on our website for in the next meeting.    Contact Rachelle at 360-7157 for more details or if you know of a mother who may like to attend !!!

[8] Our church bookstore is open when the church is and has some great books, music and other items at very reasonable costs to help you spiritually.  We also have a lending library as well for free reading !  Spend less time on the TV and internet and let God affect your mind with a great Christian book !

(9) We  continue our series in 2 Samuel this coming Sunday at 9:45 am as we finish our series.

(10) Keep praying for more new folks to attend !!!!!!

(11) Make it a MAJOR matter of prayer as to a permanent place for us !!

(12) Pray for the Missionaries listed at church: this week pray especially for Bruce Tuttle in the Ukraine !!