[1]   Great day at church on Sunday !!!  A fascinating take on 1 Tim.3 coming up this Sunday !!!!!! Join us at 10:45 am

(2) Wednesday the Master Clubs for Kids is at 6 pm and our study in Leviticus as we look at the most thrilling life at 6:30 pm

[3]  Work through 1 Kings 1 this week meditating on what God has to say to you through it and then join us next Sunday morning at 9:45 as we discuss and exchange what God’s said to us !! A fun and interactive approach to studying God’s Word in our adult Sunday School  !!!!!

[4]  Little Aiden Mitchell, who was born Jan.1 continues to progress and is now over 7 lbs !! Thank you for your continued prayers for him.

[5]  Pray often for our leaders (spiritual, political, etc) as Paul admonished us in 1 Timothy 2. Our President and administration are perhaps under the greatest attack than any before them.
[6]  We are thankful for this Sunday’s visitors and spiritual decisions as well as the prospects God is bringing to our church.   God is working through US !!!!
[7]  Pray fervently for more folks to come to church in 2018 !!! People need the Lord.

[8] Our church bookstore is open when the church is and has some great books, music and other items at very reasonable costs to help you spiritually.  A new C.S. Lewis book on the Psalms has been added to our bookstore for your edification !! We also have a lending library as well for free reading !  Take advantage of these items to help build you up in the Lord !!!

(9) Palm Sunday service begins at 10:45 on March 25 with two brief messages about the Cross & God’s love for YOU.

(10) The Easter time services on April 1 begin with the Sunrise at 7:30 a.m. followed by a hearty breakfast at 8:15 then the Main Easter Service at 9:15 a.m. Celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord with us then !!!!

(11) Make it a MAJOR matter of prayer as to a permanent place for us !!

(12) Pray for the Smiths in China as they train nationals there in ministering the Word to the Chinese people.