Act, don’t react

Last night we wrapped up our final parenting class at church and all the couples did a great job attending, asking questions, participating in discussion and learning what God has to say about this vital ministry entrusted to us as parents.   One of the things mentioned from the material we studied was there is something in the Bible for every age group to enjoy and especially fit needs. The Scriptures are truly an amazing blessing for us from the Lord !

One of the suggestions though that really struck me was that in the teen years, go through the Major and Minor Prophets as a family.  Even in Christianity in our culture, for all the great teaching that can be had in our nation, we still suffer from a low view of God.  The emergent church movement, while saying they recognize a problem have frankly compounded it with compromises to the style and form of worship and degraded the Word. Neo-evangelical thought, while identifying a legitimate lack of love by some in fundamentalism, have also overreacted and elevated their brand of love over the Bible and a proper stand on it.   What the Prophets do is restore a proper view of God in presenting Him as holy, omnipotent, and yes, even as Judge.  We are accountable for our actions to the Judge of the universe, period !

So in the teen years and all our years therafter it is especially healthy to bear in mind sin is a serious matter to God and He is more than a Savior, He is our Lord !  Peter said it well when he quoted Moses, “Because it is written: Be ye holy, for I AM holy.” (1Pt.1:16).  In our class I showed an image on the screen of a boy standing inside a circle,  as long as he obeyed and honored his parents he was safe from a shortened life and enjoyed the blessing of God.  But what about us? Same works for us, does it not?   Live in the fear of the Lord each day (Prov.1:7), ask for His help to live a holy and dedicated life to Him, which means if you falter you confess it swiftly and get back in the fray.  It implies we eat well spiritually by a regular diet of the powerful Word  (Heb.4:12) which restores us to a proper view of God and a more balanced and biblical walk with Him !

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