Make an Angel happy today !

I have to say that last night’s Bible study was very encouraging to me in many ways.  God has a way of doing this just when you need it, doesn’t He?  We began a brand new class on something I haven’t delved into with much depth in my ministry yet but have been much fascinated about and that is the study of angels !

So we got into precisely what angels are like and covered things like the fact that they are spirit beings (yet with bodies), they are unmarriageable as Jesus stated to the unbelieving Sadducees in Matt.22:30, and they are powerful, highly intelligent and very definitely evidence many of the personality traits we have received from the Lord such as will, emotions, and intellect.    As we continue this intriguing study in the weeks ahead in our church I’m looking forward to further great discussion and questions from our class.   But I started last evening by asking them what questions they have always had about angels and would like answers to.  Some were very interesting, most have their answers in Scripture (if one is willing to dig for them) and some we have no revealed info from God in the Bible. For those we must be content to leave with God as He knows best what we should know and what we shouldn’t for now  (Dt.29:29) !!

One thing that was very encouraging was an evident thirst amongst the folks to know truth !  And to see them think, discussing Scripture and marveling at our Lord and these holy servants called angels.   One of the pertinent applications brought out was the very meaning of the word angel in both Testaments (malak in Hebrew, angelos in Greek both mean messenger). They indeed are seen so in the Word of God as Gabriel delivered vital messages to Daniel, Zacharias, Elizabeth and Mary.   And how, like them, we too should be serious about delivering God’s message to our world in the gospel.    How they must wonder in awe why we do not when it is precisely this message which can change the heart of the sinner and bring him peace and joy untold ! And make a difference for good in this dark world in which we live and have the privilege to minister for Christ.    So today, take a cue from these heavenly messengers and share the everlasting gospel with some soul, for when you do the angels in heaven rejoice !  “In the same way, I tell you, there is JOY in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”  Lk.15:10.  Make an angel happy today !!  YOU can !!


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