Arts Fest of a Different Sort

Happy Valley hosts art festivals every time this year and though I’m not an artsy guy it is interesting to look at how talented and how unique some of the art is. Within the hundreds of booths there are hundreds of different ways to express talent. And whether or not an artist is a Christian or an atheist, he or she has been given an ability to produce something extraordinary.  So it is with God yet much more so !  David mentioned in Ps.19:1, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork”.

Those artists may paint a picture but God a sunset. They may sculpt an exquisite pose but He a rugged mountain or meandering stream.   His handiwork calls to mind something that is wise to think on often, namely how He can take a totally messed up life and transform it to one that makes an impact for good.  Consider a few examples in Naomi. Circumstances left her bitter so she renamed herself Mara (meaning just that: “Bitter”) but when she saw the hand of God care for her through Ruth she became sweet Naomi again (meaning “my delight”).   How about the junk Joseph experienced?  His spiritual artistry was crafted for one because he understood that what others meant for evil against him, God used for great good (Gen.50:20). And finally the great apostle Paul.  From a young, religiously zealous Pharisee who persecuted Christians en masse to a church planting juggernaut, he has all the markings of a person who once submitted (the KEY) to the Savior turned a world upside down for great good !   Art festival indeed !!

So what about your life?  Sure you can look around at times and see paint splattered where it shouldn’t be, or a lump of clay yet unmolded.  Have you made a mess and dont know where to start?  Submit yourself to the Master and watch Him work His handiwork in YOU today !    Get out to His house, listen to His Word carefully, apply it faithfully, God is about to paint an awesome picture !

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