The Blessing of Fellowship

Saturday night our church will be having an activity. We are planning on enjoying a hayride, a corn maze, a bonfire, and kids will be decorating pumpkins while the adults just have some good old fashioned Christian fellowship and play some games.  A fall fun night !  To those of us who know Christ, these are special times. They are opportunities to kick back and enjoy some good clean fun and some rich fellowship with our siblings in the Lord.

Not long after I was saved, I was invited by a couple in my church to a party at their house.  As an older teen, the word “party” meant something vastly different than what they meant by it.  This would be my first Christian “party”, so I asked out of curiosity just what would be involved. They said, “Oh, we’ll play some board games, have some snacks and just fellowship.”  My flesh sarcastically thought, “This sounds like a TON of fun !”   But I was wrong.  When I went to the party I found there was a real enjoyment I had NEVER experienced. I was with like minded people who loved the Lord, we laughed, we joked, but it was kept at a spiritual tone as opposed to the way I had joked before being saved.  I went away thoroughly enjoying that “party”.    For me, to be able to get to know men and women with Christ IN them, as He was now in me was in many ways so gratifying and encouraging.

The next time you have the opportunity to attend an activity at your church or a “party” amongst other believers, enjoy the blessing of being able to spend time with them, to share Christ in how you laugh, how you play, and what you say.  This is a foretaste of the “time” we will  share fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout eternity !!  And if you think fellowship can be good now, take out the sin factor and it will be more than one could imagine as John wrote of that time: “And there shall be no more curse; but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it, and His servants shall serve Him.” (Rev.22:3).   So take some time to fellowship soon, and when you do, seriously ask God to help you be a blessing to those with whom you hang out !

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