If it’s broken, YOU fix it !!

We all enjoyed at our church this morning listening to Nikki play Silent Night on her guitar.  That was how the very first playing of that great Christmas hymn was nearly two thousand years ago in a little Austrian church !    No  they weren’t trying to be “contemporary” but they were trying to be resourceful as the church’s organ had broken.   But it must’ve turned out pretty well, for soon the locals passed it on to the ruling king and in turn to other heads of Europe then later it found its way to American churches !  And today we still enjoy this wonderful Christmas song.

The story of Silent Night’s first rendition reminds us that things don’t always come about as we would plan but God can still work things out for His glory !   Think about the incarnation for a moment.  Coming to earth and taking on flesh was really not God’s “plan A”.  He made man His crowning creation as recorded in Genesis but man let God down, he sinned.  Man, like that church organ had become broken, yet God in His infinite wisdom had a plan and it was brilliant.  To satisfy the problem of sin, there would need to be an ample substitute or man would have to die and pay for his own sin.    When Jesus left heaven’s glories and took on humanity, the plan began to be set in motion to pay for our sin. He would live as a human and yet not sin one time and thus be the perfect, satisfactory Substitute for our sin.    Have you allowed Him to be your Savior ?  Have you truly admitted to Him you have sinned and asked Him to save your lost soul?  What about people you will celebrate Christmas with, are you sure they have accepted Christ?  That clerk at the store you purchase last minute gifts from and you see them weary from dealing with customers all day, will you share a gospel tract with them?     Lives all around us are like that broken organ and though we may not always see them so broken they may be and God has a plan He’s entrusted to you to share, why not this Christmas season??

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