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Yesterday while out to do some errands for our church I noticed the RV’s have rolled into the area in anticipation of the game here at Penn State on Saturday.  It’s a regular happening to see these vehicles come early and camp out and for those folks who do I’m sure its a time of excitement to be with friends and family and enjoy one another’s company.  The game, though important to them, is only a part of the weekend.   Our church is on one of the major routes in and out of town and many times on Sunday mornings after church we see a steady stream of cars and RV’s leaving the area !  These folks put a lot of effort into getting together on these game weekends !

One of the signs you are healthy as a Christian is your eagerness about God’s house and being with God’s people. We see this enthusiasm early in the church: “and they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship” (Acts 2:42) & “and they continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart.” (vs46).  Just the other night after church a woman came up to me and said she was looking forward to our upcoming activity.  That same evening a man was talking to me before church about how the sermon on Sunday had impacted he and his wife and that they enjoyed being in God’s house. Last evening I spoke with another guy about an issue he needs to change on and he humbly agreed that he desires to change to be more as God would like and take a more active role in our church. Healthy signs in our newer folks indeed !

One of the joys of being a spiritual family is that you can be saved many years and God can teach you through someone who is much newer to the faith !  Its not the acquisition of knowledge that always is the best teacher but the application !! While we ought to be striving to be a good example to the younger,  at times they can shine brighter and challenge us.   This exuberance for the things of God can sometimes can wear off in us who have been around a while.  When we see the signs of a decreased desire for being in church and around God’s people, we need to “pack up the RV and hit the road” and enjoy some time together with God’s people !     Identify what has caused the lack of zest and do what you can to make things right so that you can be on the path of enjoyment and growth once again.  Perhaps a hurt has occurred and you have become more withdrawn, maybe some sin is being tolerated and practiced, maybe you’re just tired and burdened with life in general, but deal with the problem as God would have you to so that His joy can be in you and enjoyed by your family.  Of all people our weekends should be ones of great joy !  We will offend each other at times when around one another, sure, but if our hearts are right with God we will be good to apologize and typically live in harmony  truly enjoying and benefitting from one another’s company as God’s children.   So enjoy the weekend together !!

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