Life is Good, live it well

Last night we had a little bit of a scare.  We did our monthly service at a retirement community and afterwards when everyone was fellowshipping one of the ladies in her late 90’s  passed out and was not responding, so we called 911 and soon the ambulance and paramedics arrived.  Life certainly is fleeting and we were all reminded of this then.  As James wrote, “. . . for what is your life? It is even a vapor, that appears for a little time then vanishes away.” (4:14).

Today is a new day that God has given to YOU.  Use it well and invest it in eternity by doing those things that glorify the Lord !  Betty (the lady I referred to) is always at our service when she is physically able and knows the Lord. I spoke with her prior to the service and we joked a bit too and then she was almost gone from us just minutes later.  That is the reality about the brevity of life, we are grateful for life but also need to be reminded that it can pass very quickly too.  So if there is bitterness, let it go, if there is something you know God wants you to do, do it without delay.  Live well, die well  and enjoy, appreciate and invest THIS day well for Him Who loves you so and graciously gives you life !!

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