Finding the Good Deals

Black Friday pervades the land this day ! Business estimates say stores will rake in a half a trillion dollars in our nation due to the sales today!!  The search for the good deal has now lapsed back into Thanksgiving evening, how will the merchants top themselves next year?  Yet the quest for good deal will go on !  Some love the thrill of “the hunt”, others are shopaholics, many are trying to be wise with their dollars.

God values our wise stewardship. Jesus’ parables speak to this and the Proverbs abound with sound financial principles for us to implement in our lives with the resources God entrusts to us. Remember the story Christ tells in Matt.25? Where He said a “man” entrusted his resources or “talents” to three different servants? To one he gave five, another two, and the last servant one.   The first two servants doubled what they’d been given, while servant #3 only gave back what he was given.   When the master returned he commended the first two but rightly chastised the third servant for his laziness and his wickedness.  His excuses didn’t hold water with this “man” !

Like these servants, God doles out to us resources and talents according to our “several ability” and He expects us to use them wisely for Him so that when He returns He finds you have used them for His glory to bring a good return on His “investment”.   So what abilities and resources has God entrusted to you?   Are you using them through His local church as the New Testament stresses?  If not, bug the pastor, we like that kind of pestering !  If you have been saved I don’t think its a stretch at all to infer from the parable that we strive to lead at least another to the Lord. It may be intimidating to you to do that but that’s what prayer is for, and God has made the gospel so simple – try telling someone how you were saved. Take seriously your testimony for Christ and pray about that as you go out into this sinful world. People are longing to see a consistent, godly example and Christ ruling your heart makes a HUGE impact on others.   Sometimes as we “mature” in Christ we tend to minimize such basics of witnessing and encouraging others spiritually but to the Lord its very important !!

What about time spent with others rather than, as we tend, to get self-absorbed with our own lives?  Invest the life God’s given you for the eteranl betterment of those God places around you.  Take time to get to know that neighbor or coworker. How about that person at church you just say hi to but really don’t know that well?   What about a love offering to a ministry, missionary or person who is struggling financially?  If you think about it there are lots of “good deals” out there for you to find !  Only these ones have eternal significance !!


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