Glory to God in the Highest

This time of year things seem to step up a bit with all the Christmas activities and preparations and such.  Guys mostly on our street have strung up the lights on the houses and gals mostly the indoor decorating.  Cookies will be baked, cards sent, trees trimmed, etc.  Churches do what they need to in anticipation of special services. Like many churches we hold a Candlelight service on Christmas Eve, which is coming up fast.   But typically all these Christmas preparations we do to please people. We want things to look nice for the relatives, the kids, and friends.  Yet sometimes we forget our pleasing should be ultimately for Him. Oh, don’t get me wrong, cookies can still be made “to the glory of God” as we do our best in all we do but what I mean is first and foremost in our minds must be the very One Whom Christmas is all about.

If your church has special Christmas services to rightly capitalize on this season and reach out to souls then wouldn’t it be glorifying to Him that you pray hard and set feet to your prayers to get some new folks out to your church?  What about distributing some Christmas tracts or fliers telling people you come in contact with between now and Christmas about the services?   And if you are engaged in the services in some way making sure that you put forth your very best effort to make that service even better this year.  If a musician, practice well for the glory of God and prayerfully ask God to help what is done affect people’s hearts. If an usher, strive hard to be that welcoming and warm first time impression a newcomer notices when first they enter your church. There are many things we can do to show the Christ of Christmas at this time of year.  But if we don’t truly have a heart for God how will they be spiritually affected?

Haven’t you noticed through the years that attacks upon “Christmas”, which are really attacks upon our Lord, have stepped up?  Christmas trees are now Holiday trees in some places.  We can whine about that or  we can capitalize on it and show them what Christmas is really all about: our Savior !   In 2Cor.5:20 it says, “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us; we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.”   So we have a solemn, serious obligation for Jesus Christ to check our motives and be good representatives of Christmas and of Christ !!  Resist going through the motions for people and ask Him to help you do all you do this season for the glory of God !!  “Glory to God in the highest. . .”  (Lk.2:14) !!!!

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