Good to Go

Last night I paid a visit to a family who joined our church last year, their youngest child was not yet saved and I told them I’d keep working on him in the hopes that he’d soon make that critical decision.  Well, last night he did, and as he finished praying with me the sinners prayer, I looked up at the rest of the family and said, “You’re all good to go now !”  Meaning, of course, everyone is now saved.

Several years ago I recall a similar episode where a family starting coming to our church. The parents had heard the gospel in their home, as a  member who worked with the father of this family told me about them and so he and I went to witness to them.  We encouraged them to come to our church on Sunday which they did and they brought their two children who I spoke with after the service and then they also received Christ.  Immediately the mom, let out this very audible sigh of relief ! She truly believed her kids were “good to go” then !

It’s very gratifying to see entire families come to Christ and to know as Paul wrote that He has “made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus” (Eph.2:6).   Looking back since I made that spiritual decision now over 35 years ago, God has allowed me to see many, many entire families, relatives and friends come to Him and its great knowing we will all see each other forever and enjoy fellowship with God and one other ! But is there someone in your extended family who is not yet saved? How about a coworker, or neighbor? Perhaps maybe even someone who attends your church?  Be always working on them, their eternal destiny is critical !  Step up your prayers for them, boldly and compassionately take opportunities to speak to them about salvation, seriously ask God each day to help your testimony to draw them to Him !  Do the work of an evangelist always (2Tim.4:5) !!

My former pastor and mentor, Dr. Jordan used to say, “When you finally die, make sure you live your life so that the devil wants to put a few more nails in your coffin, making sure you are really gone !”   Do all you can to make sure folks are good to go !!  Work on that today !!!!

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