Got troubles? God’s going to bat for YOU

No Christian who truly desires to grow is without his or her share of trials.  It comes with the turf and as you think of the annals of spiritual history, that field is littered with saints who had their struggles. Just read Hebrews 11 for a little reminder and a lot of encouragement !   Last Wednesday we were in a passage in Job in which his GOOD friend Elihu (for he simply told him what God had said) let Job know in no uncertain terms that the whole mess Job had been going through was actually being engineered by the Lord to perfect Job in even greater ways !!

While it’s true Satan wished to mess Job over with the goal of getting him to renounce his faith, God was the One Who actually maneuvered the devil into the whole contest in the first place ! These are things we need to bear in mind when life gets tough. Consider carefully his words to Job about this, “My desire is that Job may be tried unto the end. .  .” (Job 34:36).   Was Elihu a masochist who got his jollies by wanting more trouble for Job? Nope, quite the opposite, he wished for Job the best God had to offer even if it meant a little more tribulation to get there !  We so often, in trials, cry out for God to get us out of them when we ought to be echoing Elihu’s sentiment here of asking God to make us better through them.

And if today you are going through the ringer, remember, God is going to bat for you, His child.  He has already (before you even started through your trial) concocted a wonderful plan to make a masterpiece out of you and frustrate any opposition in the process, just keep trusting Him, like Joseph, like Abraham, like Esther, like Ruth, like Paul, etc., etc., etc. He will see you through !!!

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