Key to a truly Happy New Year

So Happy New Year to you !!  If you have been paying attention at all to the news through the holidays you have heard a lot of talk about the “fiscal cliff”.   Many Christians I know are not too keen about the news of late for much of it is so sad and reminds us greatly that we live in a fallen world. But I thought I’d share a little from an exchange I had with a former church member a few days ago about the fiscal cliff and the Lord.  That former member is a political analyst now who had earned an advanced degree here at Penn State in his time with our church and he wrote, “. . .may you find a soft landing off the fiscal cliff, and may 2013 bring you the blessing both of good health and true hope and peace.”   I responded, “. . .there is no cliff so sheer that the good Lord cannot soften the blow and sustain us still.” To which he responded with this gem, “. .  .given the bleak outlook for the coming year, many may see that they’ve been looking for hope and peace in all the wrong places.”

The Bible teaches us to place no confidence in men and certainly our government has illustrated that scriptural admonition repeatedly.  Still, aren’t you so thankful that no matter what men may do wrong, there is a God Who is good and just and Who will see us through. Our human leaders often display such disdain for  the Lord and His Word, yet sometimes we are blessed to have some human authorities who do trust in Him. So, the past year may have brought some unhappy tidings and men may let us down but isn’t it all a very vivid reminder that the great lesson is that our trust must be placed in God. He will never disappoint as He is the only One Who is the source of all true joy, hope and peace !!  Trust Him today no matter what and trust Him through all the days of this new year !!

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