The Ladder of Freedom

Towards the end of July a video went “viral”, as they say, of the rescue of some bear cubs. Watch it here:    Why would these babies get in there?  The reason is rather obvious when you think about it  for just a little: they were attracted to the smell of the “leftovers” !!   Maybe Mom jumped inside (my guess is she did) and they just followed !  But they couldn’t get back out, try as they might without some assistance.

The spiritual lessons are many here but let me relate a couple.  The trash of this world is not good for us. Whether it be a sordid TV show, a book that tears us down spiritually, a conversation or a relationship that is highly questionable.  Like those cubs, before we know it we are trapped in a cesspool of sinfulness and only the “ladder” of God’s Word can rescue us if we’ll reach out to it.

And what about the influence of “dear old Mom” in that situation.  Even she didn’t realize that her conduct was leading her young ones to a path of danger and possible destruction !  A wonderful lesson here is that in this instance, she was likely just trying her best to provide for her young. But in human situations, we can sometimes forget our testimony for Christ in that a seemingly innocent and innocuous comment, action or decision may cause others to go astray.  Our only “ladder” of prevention is to be found in the Sacred  Record as we live by the Bible’s principles, such as “Abstain from all appearance of evil”  (1Thess. 5:22). We can then be sure our testimony is a good one and helps rather than harms others.

One of the more careless things we can do as believers to hinder others is not safeguard our attitudes. Our actions may be fine and we often try harder with those for they (we think) are more obvious and visible. Yet we fool ourselves thinking our attitudes aren’t just as clear to those around us as to the state of our heart.  David left us a good example in that he prayed, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer” (Ps.19:14) !!   Supplication to an all-powerful God is a necessary means of checking then changing our sinful hearts and attitudes.  So don’t forget that “ladder” either.

Like those cubs, we can get caught up in dumpster diving in a spiritual sense very quickly. And if and WHEN you do, remember, God is always there with His ladder desirous for you to climb to real freedom.  Jesus said, “And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free” (Jn.8:32) !!!

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