Making a House Call

For a Pastor, there is not a week goes by that you don’t deal with someone who is sick in some way. Whether its a call on someone who has some physical ailment or a visit with someone who is struggling spiritually, a Pastor “doctors” often and still makes “house calls” !  Yes, we are indeed a sick planet with maladies that go beyond the scalpel and prescribed regimens of earthly physicians.  Fortunately, we have a Great Physician to heal us.  Not long ago I heard of a report where they are now saying that the old fashioned non-coated aspirin is actually better for you, for despite the coating that is supposed to help with gastrointestinal side effects (some people’s stomachs can’t seem to handle the old pills) they claim that the coating may actually be delaying or preventing what the aspirin is meant to do for your body.  Next year another study will probably reverse these finding, ha !

At any rate, isn’t a joy knowing that whatever “sickness” we may find ourselves succumbing to there is a remedy that is sure.  If one receives a diagnosis of cancer, this body may eventually perish but God will give a new and lasting one if we have accepted His gospel.  If we make some bad choices and find ourselves in a real pickle, God can help if we take Him at His Word.   I was studying the life of Samson recently, what a sick dude he was. Selfish, immoral, arrogant, ruled by his emotions and so given to bouts of great anger.   Yet the Great Physician in His great and infinite wisdom was able to still work through Samson’s life and affect His will.  The Philistines (God’s enemies) were conquered and Israel was liberated so that as the book of Judges says, “So the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life.” (16:30).  This was stated by the writer of Judges as Samson was led as a blinded man to grasp the pillars supporting the Philistine’s great temple and eventually he “brought the house down” !

Our nation is quite sick now, watch the news for any length of time and this is clear.  Many churches are sick (which is why the nation is) as they preach feel good ideas and dance around the controversial issues of the day with no scriptural stand being taken so as not to lessen but increase their numbers.  But the Great Physician is still on the throne, He still has the answer to any illness we face.   And if you want to see our world healthier, make this a day where you let Him work through YOU to bring healing to those around you !  And don’t be opposed to making a house call every now and then, meeting them where they are with the medicine of the Word, speaking boldy and compassionately His truth to heal.

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