Time and timelessness

Do you know what’s happening today at a little after noon time?  Well, at 12 minutes after noon it will be 12:12 p.m. on 12/12/12 !!  And this chronological feat won’t happen again in our lifetime on earth again. We’ll need almost another century to hit 1/1/1 !!!  How’s that for a little meaningless trivia, ha !  But what is not meaningless is if you are saved you will be alive forever and ever and ever, with time no more !  That is mindboggling to think about isn’t it?

I heard a guy the other day on the radio speaking to a Mormon who spoke of his deceased son and seeing him one day.  Yet something was sadly missing from his words. There was not the same hopeful tone or words as you’d hear from someone truly born again.  While it’s true we must not be lax about sharing the gospel, we also must not fail to display our faith about eternal life to others.  What a joy it has been  to do funerals for folks who were saved and confidently let the grieving know that their loved ones are absolutey fine and in fact better than they have ever been !  How that the only thing that prevents those who have passed from being reunited with their loved ones here is when we reject the gospel.

The next time you check your calendar or look at the clock, remember, if you are really saved, time will one day be no more. Jesus Christ has secured for YOU eternal life !!! In Revelation 10 John sees an angel who proclaims, “. . .that there should be time no longer.” (10:6). One day that will be true and you as a child of God will enjoy eternity !!  So enjoy today as you go about business but remember its just one of many many may days you will enjoy, ad infinitum !!  Truly live with eternity in mind too, making choices that honor God and invest in eternity and live hopefully and joyfully even though the present may have its share of struggles (they are ALL temporary,  you know !). You will have a great, long, long life and all because of Him Who loves you so !!!

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