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I saw a clip from a conference at the University of Michigan where a former presidential candidate was heckled that America wasn’t a great nation like he’d just claimed. Two or three college students yelled it wasn’t to which the speaker and former candidate proceeded to justifiably respond that it was and then started to list some reasons for his claim and ended with, “If America isn’t the greatest nation in the world, then LEAVE !”   As a proud American I was so glad to hear what he said to such out of touch, entitled young men.   But then I thought, just like these foolish youngsters don’t we all tend to suffer from the same sinful thinking at times?

It’s easy to have a “grass is always greener elsewhere” mentality.  Easy to complain about what we don’t have in our life, our church, our workplace, etc.  rather than be thankful for what we truly do have by the grace of God  !    Being thankful is something we must work at, something for which the Spirit of God being allowed to rule our heart then turns our sinful thinking into that which is spiritual and we start then to see what we do have in Christ and rejoice.      “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning YOU”  (1Thess.5:18). The verb is a command here !   Why is it that we have to be commanded to be grateful?   I think we all know why, but it should drive us to see our ungrateful spirit and ask then for His Spirit to rule our heart.

Today, you will find ample reasons for complaining, just as those wandering Israelites did. It’s easy to do so in a sinful world and a sin tainted mind, but why not decide that today I will not waste the 24 hours God gives me to focus so much on what I don’t have and instead find things to be thankful for, and to say some thank yous especially to those around you too. They need to hear it to encourage them, you need to hear it coming out of your lips to encourage you (that you’re on the right track) but moreso, don’t you think God needs to hear you saying it too?! Remember, this is God’s will concerning YOU !!!

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