Prepping to Eat

Its Saturday – “Yay !!”  would be most people’s reaction to this day.  Most work or go to school Monday through Friday and the weekend gives a welcome respite to a break in the routine, a time to sleep a little longer and just do whatever you have been meaning to catch up on.  

Saturday is also a great day to “prep” for the Lord’s day.   Recently we went to one of those Mongolian grill type restaurants and I was struck by the massive preparation of all the things done for diners to enjoy a great meal.  Chopped veggies, sliced meats and specially prepared sauces (hungry now?).  Anyway, like those prep cooks we as God’s children need to prep our hearts for receiving His feast !  What can we do?  There are some very practical things that can help like getting a good nights sleep so we don’t try to catch up when God is trying to feed us through a sermon. We can organize things on Saturday for the sometimes harried Sunday morning rush to get out the door so we dont arrive cranky ! 

But spiritually, we can pray for the services and the preacher and his message, we can pray for our own willingness and meekness to receive the “engrafted Word” but also do you remember what Jesus said about going to worship in the Sermon on the Mount?  “So if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift before the altar and go, first be reconciled to your brother and then offer your gift. (Mt.5:23,24).  Christ places a premium on making sure you have done what you can to rectify offenses between others BEFORE you set out to His house to worship Him.  Sometimes we tick others off, we’re sinners !  When you know you need to make something right with another and pride or fear is stopping you simply do what you can to maintain a good relationship with the Lord but also each other for the sake of worship and the ultimate glory of God.   When we prep to eat at God’s house the experience is much more enjoyable, not only for you but the Lord Who has set the table !  So this coming Sunday, “eat and enjoy” !!

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