Primer for the first day of summer

Today is officially the first day of summer !  And here it will feel like it, ha !! The whole area here changes in the summer, mostly because the university has slowed down to its summer pace, the 40,000 plus students are largely gone and so the town is quieter.  Public school students are now off and so no busses whizzing by in the morning or kids walking to the bus stops, the neighbors can be seen working in their yards outside moreso than other times.  It’s actually a pretty nice time of year around here in many ways but then you can find good in any time of year if you really look for it !

The same can be said of life lived for the Lord. Last night in speaking through parts of Job we looked at his friends, so-called, and they were verbally tearing this poor man to shreds who’d been through so much even before they’d showed up to “comfort” him.  But even through their vicious “advice” God was at work and Job was starting to see it especially as he cried out to God and fixated on Him.   Note a few of his statements about the Lord, “He bindeth up the waters in thick clouds and the cloud is not torn under them” (26:8), “By His Spirit He has garnished the heavens; His hand has formed the crooked serpent.” (vs13) and then “Lo, these are parts of His ways: but how little a portion is heard of Him? but the thunder of His power who can understand?” (vs14). Rather than allow himself to be beaten down by his friends words he was enamored by God and His Word !   Our hurting brother Job was coming to terms with his situation, it had been pretty rosy before all the turmoil but now he was beginning to see God was indeed working even through all the unrosy stuff too ! And in actuality, the great trials Satan was allowed to inflict upon his life God was using to perfect Job even more !!  So truth is, no matter what your day is like, God still loves you immensely and He is desiring to do a great work in and for YOU !!  Look at whatever situtation you’re in through Him and you will be just fine, summer or not !

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