Surf’s up, are you?

Did you hear the news of the 61 year old swimmer Diana Nyad who just attempted to swim around 100 miles to Cuba in shark infested waters? Wow !  Her shoulder prevented the feat but she did give it a great try. Twenty-nine hours in the ocean is a worthy attempt indeed.  Yes, she’s a world renowned swimmer, yes she evidenced tremendous courage and yes she even shunned her age for a very challenging goal. 

She is not unlike many of God’s children when you think about it. We live in a dark world as children of light and as James said there come to each of our lives “divers (not related to swimming) temptations” .  Our “waters” are at times deep and murky and for those who love the Lord there are always “sharks”. Like Diana, we grow weary and just want to give up the “swim”.   I’m often reminded of Paul’s adage in Galatians 6 where he urged us to “not be weary in well doing for in due season we SHALL  reap if we faint not.” !

Perseverance is the clarion call of the Lord to His children as He knows we have toils, snares and all kinds of waves looking to thwart our journey. Yet He is there with us all the time, a very present help in trouble and we may all go boldly unto the throne of grace to bring our hurts and cares to Him and when you think about it the journey is soon over. The other day I was chatting with a guy in his 80’s who still works 60+ hours a week (he’s “swimming”) and he reminded me yet again how very fast life truly is.

  Keep at it today child of God, the “swim” will be worth it !  As Jesus agonized in Gethsemane He continued that we might live eternally and be able also to navigate troubled waters in this life too.  Think how much your struggles handled well will also translate to huge blessings in time too: in due season YOU SHALL reap, if you faint not !!  Think how much you will show Christ to others around you as you give your best to your “swim”. Oh, you may not set out to accomplish all you want, as Diana, but God just asks your best effort as I preached on Sunday. And when you give that rest assured you will hear His “Well done thou good and faithful servant” ! (Mt.25).

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