Thanking God among the hard cases of life

In Acts 27 Luke records Paul’s trip to Rome which was, in a word: eventful ! As they sailed close by the island of Crete thinking conditions were favorable to sail they set out for sea only to be suddenly caught in a great and deadly storm.  After many days of trying to just survive, the Lord sent message to Paul that the entire crew on board would be safe yet shipwrecked. He passed on this hopeful prediction to the men on board and as they worked tirelessly at keeping the ship afloat the apostle urged them to eat to keep up their strength, “Wherefore I pray you to take some meat: for this is for your health: for there shall not a hair fall from the head of any of you.”  (vs34).   Then when he had said this, in the midst of the 276 men on board, he said “grace” !  “And when he had thus spoken, he took bread, and gave thanks to God in presence of them all. . .” (vs35)

Remember that the next time you’re in McDonalds and just want to munch on some fries without saying grace for fear someone may think you “too religious” !  Almost 300 criminals and hardened sailors who likely cussed like them !!   Paul showed no fear, true, but he also showed something else: in the most dire of situations he showed proper gratitude.   He did not lose his focus from his God, he trusted they’d be fine as long as they stayed in the ship, as God said (faith) !

So “Hey guys, I know you’re beat, I know you could eat all the fatted calf right now but let’s remember to thank God.”   I wonder if some of the men there thought, “Are you kidding me? Thank God in this storm? Thank God in these circumstances?”   YES !!  Why? Because He has given you His Word that despite the fix you are in, as long as you just trust Me, things will be fine !    So what jam have you gotten yourself into? Or maybe you haven’t but you’re still in a pickle?   Thank God and take your nourishment He provides.

I suppose some there could’ve thought, “Why bother eating, we’re as good as dead?”  Paul’s faith is evident in urging them to eat, in that, we’re going to need the strength to keep going and to get ashore. There was no denying the conditions were less than favorable but Paul would not deny they wouldn’t improve, so from point A to point B we’re going to need our strength, so eat !  You will need yours too, have you “eaten” today? Have you taken time to peruse over and then ponder the Scriptures?  Its for your health, much greater than the physical aspect !  And when you do take a moment to thank Him !


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