In all your getting today, get wisdom !

Wisdom – where would we be without God’s wisdom??  Adrift on a sea of uncertainty for sure !  As a pastor you listen to people who have critical decisions to make and need good advice or are failing in their relationships and they aren’t sure exactly why, they’re seeking God’s take on the situation they are in and so they need God’s wisdom.     One of the writers of Scripture who certainly comes to the top of the “wisdom list” has got to be Solomon.  And as he wrote out the book of  Proverbs under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, what we have is a real source book for life and practice that is truly without parallel !

Solomon began to get into his book with these words showing the purpose to which he wrote: “To know wisdom and instruction, to perceive the words of understanding” (1:2).  Every day in your life you make literally hundreds of decisions. What you choose is critical for it greatly determines God’s path for your life.  Several years ago now, a young couple came to me with wise advice, “You need to stop dating that girl if she is unwilling to do what God’s Word says.”  Thankfully, I heeded their advice and headed off to a Christian college where God brought into my life a girl who did want to do God’s will !     About the same time a young man said to me, “You should go to Bible college and train to be a pastor.”  Had I not listened to God’s urging, our church would not have come into existence and many people may not have been saved !

So, it is critical we take God’s wisdom seriously and through it allow Him to chart a course in our life for great good.  One of the best things you can do practically to stay in the “wisdom loop” is to read books like Proverbs for as you do God affects your mind with His wisdom and when a decision comes before you, the Spirit helps to bring up things you have learned and by faith, choose whats right even over what may seem convenient.  You head down a right path and open up channels of blessing from the Lord.   Also, when you read the Bible or listen to a message at church, and you listen carefully and implement it where you can you are allowing God to impart His wisdom to YOU !  That my friend, is exciting and will open up adventures and possibilities in your life you could never have even imagined possible, so  in all your getting today, be sure to aquire His wisdom !!

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