Why waddle when you can fly !

On the way to church last night Nancy & I had an interesting distraction.  Several tiny baby ducks were at the edge of a very busy highway and they were incredibly perplexed. The noise level of oncoming traffic, the sudden swoosh of tractor trailers going by just inches from their tiny fuzzy bodies, and the inability to see Mom all led to their confused and dazed reactions to everything in their new little world. So what could I do but swing the car around and get them to higher and safer ground.  I’m sure the people whizzing by thought what is this guy doing?  I know the ducklings were frightened by the sight of all of a sudden now a man appearing out of a car running towards them to get them out of harm’s way. “Sheeish, who’s the dude waving his arms at us now?  Lord, help us !!!”

Life has a lot of lessons and reminders for us doesn’t it?  Sometimes we’re a bit like those little guys.  We start to wander off God’s safe path wanting to test other waters, we see someone that maybe God has burdened their heart to help us and we turn on the messenger or avoid him altogether not understanding in our confusion that the Lord may just be trying to use him or her to help us.  And like those little feathered friends we get to such a place because we have simply lost sight of the One Who truly loves us and can nurture us.   The writer of Hebrews comes to mind here when he penned, “. . .let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us. Looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. . .” (Heb.12:1,2).

Is there some sin you need to lay aside TODAY? Does the race look a bit overwhelming righ now? Look at the Lord, focus on Him – not others, not even yourself.   He’s looking out for you even when you don’t see Him, and in light of that keep looking to Him !   Don’t “quack” up on life’s road (sorry, couldn’t resist), mount up with wings as eagles and soar !!

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