The Basics

How many times have you watched a seasoned athlete fail at something very fundamental or maybe tasted something which someone is usually great at making and its just not the same? Something basic was left out.  As we come to verses 57-64, the basics are dealt with here. Something very basic to our Christian walk is understanding and then acting out on the fact that God is our “portion” as vs.57 says.  This is a real estate term which was used by the Israelites as they came to the Promised Land and started to realize and take possession of this Divinely promised real estate.

What is your portion today? What is it you really want?  Money? things? friends? popularity? a bigger church? a better job? success? The passage immediately sets us straight that all those things in themselves, though not sinful, can become so if God isn’t first place or to put it another way, if we don’t have Him and He us ! Walk with Him today, let Him renew your mind as you read and meditate on His Word and He will spiritually begin to make you what you can be in Him (Rom.12:2), you are what you “eat”, so make sure He is your portion !!

And how about another basic, namely, our relationship to others.  Twice the psalmist speaks to this area, “The hands of the wicked have robbed me; but I have not forgotten Thy law.” (vs61).  Much is said in the Bible about this to protect us and better us when others seek our harm.   A basic is “never play the game of paybacks” (see Rom.12) but instead keep doing right when others do wrong to you. And in vs.63, “I am a companion of all them that fear Thee, and of them that keep Thy precepts.”  How do you choose your friends? How much fellowship with godly believers do you engage in? Do you hide out afraid they will see what you are really like or do you put yourself out there as you are ?  Once a woman said to my wife and I “I’m afraid if you get to know the real me you won’t like me.”  In her pride, she thought she was able to fool people somehow and in her insecurity and misunderstanding of God, she failed to realize she was already accepted by Him and all she needed to do was focus on growing spiritually, the rest takes care of itself !  I will take a person any time as a friend (with all their “warts” and past failings) who just desires to live for Christ and is doing just that.  Your companions influence you, choose them well.

Last, how about some basics in regard to you?   “I thought on my ways, and turned my feet unto Thy testimonies.” (vs59). Is there regular repentance in your life? We all still sin, thats a basic truth.  So, that means we all need to confess it when we do, not rationalize it or excuse it if we would be clean and keep growing.    Can you cite a time recently where you obeyed His will over your own? “I made haste, and delayed not to keep Thy commandments.” (vs.60).  Delayed obedience IS disobedience because if God asks you to do something and you put it off, thats simply not right nor respectful to Him.  The writer was swift in obedience.  One preacher I heard once also said that “procrastination is the kissing cousin of disobedience.”   If you aren’t saved, why delay?  If there’s something you know the Word says you shouldn’t be doing, why continue?  Oh the holy “duhs” the angels must speak around us at times.   Stick to the basics, and God will take you far !!

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