God is Good

Etched into my mind from a little boy is hearing my Dad pray at family gatherings a prayer which started, “God is good, God is great. . . ”   Not being a Christian then God used the prayer nevertheless to implant a truth that we all need each and every day !  God really is GOOD.  But do you really  believe that when life is difficult?

The “Teth” part of Ps.119 which comprises verses 65-72 deals with the goodness of God and something very intriguing is put in pen in vs.67, “Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept Thy Word.”   The idea is that even in affliction God can still show us His goodness ! In the course of a week a do a lot of reading and the quote I read I really should’ve written down but the gist was that if we didn’t have affliction we really wouldn’t, as sinners, draw very close to the Lord. If happiness and “good times” were always our lot, we’d not grow as much.  The verse seems to confirm this and so even in trials we can see God’s goodness to us.

In fact, the psalmist has recognized the benefit of affliction and asks God to then “teach me good judgment and knowledge” (vs.66).  Are you going through some kind of affliction or know someone else who is now?  God can use it for great good, allow His Word to educate you just how. Charles Spurgeon once said, “The promises of God shine brightest in the furnace of affliction.” He was right !  In your affliction God can use just one promise in His Word to lighten your steps and illuminate His goodness to you, look for it !!

The writer sums up God’s goodness in vs72, “The Law of Thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver.”  In short, NOTHING is as GOOD as God and His Word.   Most people spend their entire lives acquiring “gold and silver” because what they truly vlaue is just that and yet these are shallow and unenduring and eternity will prove them to be.   Are your decisions and desires fueled by the “goodness” of riches or the goodness of God?  It’s Saturday, and with that most people have a little more time to get into the Word and be reminded just how good God really is. Take some time today to read His Word and let it reshape your values to be more GOOD.   God is GOOD !!


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