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God’s little encouragements

It is amazing how God manifests Himself to us even in the “little things” of life.   I was dropping my wife off at Walmart for a simple return and not wanting to wade through the crowds decided to drop her off while I waited in the car.  As I jockeyed my vehicle for  a […]

What’s in YOUR attic?

Not long ago I did a real nasty job for my daughter and her husband. I cleaned their attic of bat waste !  Before and during the time they’d owned this home bats had infiltrated their attic and obviously “made themselves to home”.  So I volunteered to rid  the attic of their putrid excrement and […]

Your church – be there or be square !!

This February has been a vivid reminder that Al Gore and all the global warming crazies are dead wrong !  Cold temperatures, busted pipes  – yes its winter ! We have had to cancel church due to the weather more times this month than any other month since the founding of our church !!   […]

Speak up or Shut up

Every once in a while I enjoy watching the show Bizarre Foods.  The host goes to various countries and cultures and samples the differing types of foods people enjoy and some indeed are bizarre !  But one thing I especially enjoy is seeing how people live all over our planet.   One particular episode got […]

Stressed? Anxious? Here’s a great ANSWER !

Aren’t you thankful as a Christian to have the peace of knowing that whatever may come into your life, you will be just fine ?  Recently my wife and I were chatting with a couple we have been ministering to for years. They are as yet unsaved and they were telling us about a trip […]

How can you help against the cults?

Of real concern of late to many Americans is the scourge of Islam and their terroristic practices.  While such atrocities are not new they seem to be more commonplace.  Why is this? They are now more emboldened due to a weakened response from our leaders and they are simply playing out what their heretical doctrine […]

A World of Hate

Have you ever thought much about why there are people in this world who crash planes into buildings, behead children, and stifle freedom of speech in the name of their god by  killing journalists? HATE !   It all comes down to hate, the very opposite of God: LOVE !!    These brainwashed sinful pawns […]

Happy Happy New Year

Well its a brand new year !  If the Lord should not come back this year and He gives you another year of life here there are 365 days ahead of you, or 8,760 hours, or 31,536,000 ticks of the clock !  That’s a LOT of time and while its true the older you get […]

The Wonder of Christmas

Most Americans would certainly say that Christmas is their favorite holiday.  But why is that so?  For many its the time with family, the gifts or all that wonderful Christmas food ! (By the way what’s some of your favorites?).  But for the child of God Christmas should be so wonderful because of the purpose […]