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Playing Church

I recall training for the ministry and taking a class in Bible college where I heard for the first time the definition of the word “church” . It originates from the Greek ekklesia meaning “to be called out from” and I learned from that it means that a church is a group of people called […]

Finding the REAL JOY in Christmas

What a great blessing to be able to celebrate Christmas as  a true believer in Christ !  People the world over will observe this wondrous holiday and for them it will mean seeing family members again, enjoying special foods partaken of only at this season, seeing the joy on family member’s faces at the opening […]

Vote His way !

What a wild and crazy time leading up to and culminating in our election !   Seems most of America were upset with the status quo and the sin (yes, sin, a word we don’t hear much of anymore but lets call it what God calls it) of our newly elected President was “trumped” by […]

Principles for Biblical Music by Dr. Bill Dillon, Ambassador Baptist College

Dr. Dillon tackles a controversial subject and one which many Christians will not humbly consider.  Nonetheless this is very needful for us as believers today.   We have fallen into “I want to listen to what I LIKE” rather than what Eph.5:10 says, “proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.”  When the devil can get […]

Are you “studying” lately?

Well, they’re back !  The students are back to Happy Valley ready to begin a new school year at Penn State.  Soon Beaver Stadium will be roaring with the first home game this weekend too.  The seemingly perpetual cycle continues with a new freshman crop and the returnees in the upper classes striving for the […]


We had a great Bible study tonight. Always good to see folks eager to come and hear the Lord’s Word !   I like it when we sing the song “Why?”  before the message as the hymn asks the question about WHY Jesus was crucified and answers that He paid the ransom for ME ! […]

Proud of our church !!

What a blessing to have moved to State College in the past couple of months !  Our church did something unusual in selling our existing property to come closer to the population base in our area and though some might think selling is crazy from a real estate point of view it was motivated by […]